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Not so much confident as contrary

"Parturiunt montes, nascetur ridiculus mus"

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16 February 1961
"For what are we but to make sport for our neighbours, and to laugh at them in our turn"

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^_^7, a.e. van vogt, absurd notions, age of sail, alternate histories, alternative energy, alternative music, alternative rock, anarcho-capitalism, anarchocapitalism, anime, anne elliott, astronomy, aya hasebe, babbit, bad movies, bedlam hall, bella luna, big band music, books, bookstores, brick oven pizza, calvin and hobbes, chaotic good, city of heroes, classic films, classical liberalism, classical music, classics, clearance racks, coffee, comix, cordwainer smith, cosmic wimpout, crossword puzzles, cynicism, cypherpunks, david brudnoy, debian, doingwhatithinkisright, e.e. doc smith, elvis costello, extropians, fandubs, fansubbed anime, fansubs, fnord, fnx, foo, frank sinatra, free state project, frugality, fsp, futurism, gaim, general semantics, glenn miller, gymkata, hard sf, hiking, home power, homeschooling, hoshimaru, individualism, ireland, italian, jane austen, king of the rocketmen, kodomo no omocha, last.fm, learning new things, ledo's pizza, lensman, libertarianism, libertarians, liberty, linux, machiventa melchizedek, maps, mazzy star, milk & cheese, modern rock, mooninites, movie marathons, moxie, mst3k, narutaru, neal boortz, norah jones, old movies, old-time radio, opera, otr, pequot library book sale, phil hendrie, php, pocky, popeye, praxeology, radiohead, reading, reading aloud, reading to others, reid fleming, right thingers, road trips, roger zelazny, roleplaying games, rollye james, ron smith, salmonax, sam & max, samichlaus, sampo, sarcasm, science fiction, semantics, shakespeare, shakespeare on wheels, sixpence none the richer, snallygasters, snow, solar power, space opera, squeeze, stargazing, staying up all night, talk radio, tcm, the creeping terror, the cure, the princess bride, theoretical physics, thinking too much, thunderstorms, tibby, tippy's taco house, toucan taco, turner classic movies, unix, unschooling, urban legends, used books, waffle house, webcomics, what if, wigu, writing, yuengling, yush!

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