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Freak out!

I saw this Commonly Confused Words test in indigoskynet's LJ. I had a great deal of fun taking it so I'm passing it on for the edification of other English language freaks.

Well... well... that sure is... something

Here is an odd little frash game (thanks to gwalla for pointing it out). You send a bishi flying and the rest of the game is managing his bounces and which other characters he smacks into (different characters produce different types of effects)... the goal being to get him to cover as much distance as possible. There are aerial powerups you can use to modify his flightpath, and sometimes the people you bump into will give you a brief shot at a special powerup. There is also some sort of chaining of special moves that goes on. English translation of the rules would be here, laddie.

Random acts of typing

AMC is showing The Quiet Man and High Noon tonight! W00t!

I forgot to set my essid on my laptop and ended up associating with some neighbor's wireless which has still got the default settings. I was just getting good and pissed off about how slow my net conx was tonight when I realized what had happened... :-P

On a happier note, from walkerton comes a quiz that I assume has no unfavorable results, so go wild:
What kind of god are you?Collapse )

Best site evar, at the moment

Since I have a herculean appetite for the diverse and the bizarre, I've been going through my list of odd and entertaining sites. I forgot how great this one is... bow before the Worst Album Cover Gallery!

Quick edit, since I forgot to mention I've gotten bored with my playlist, so it is off to last.fm for some spice (old post about it here). I highly recommend it if you are looking for some variety, but it takes a bit of preparation to make it work well. Go to audioscrobbler.com before you get bored and start feeding your current music to it. Since last.fm uses the same database you will get a more likely set of new stuff.

West and wewaxation...

No work tomorrow!

I watched My Fair Lady again tonight. There are a number of things I really like about that movie, but it spends a lot of time on some stuff that isn't worth that much attention (like the 'get me to the church on time' sequence) while the ending just happens without much fanfare. And, as always, I am mysteriously amazed by the youngness of Jeremy Brett in that movie. I also still laugh out loud at Eliza's description of her aunt's untimely demise.

Here is some accumulated meme-age. First, as seen in a couple of places, but most recently from glych...
What Gender Is Your Brain?Collapse )

Next, from gentlemaitresse...
What obsolete skill are you?Collapse )


I'm not a big birthday celebrator type, but this year is a bit different. For one thing, some of you wished me a happy birthday, so I was reminded that today is, indeed, my birthday. :-P My initial reaction was some near kin of annoyance and I wished I had thought to change it temporarily a couple of days ago. Of course, since that is an odd reaction even for a curmudgeonly fellow, I started wondering why I felt that way. I think it is because I have stuff I need to get done that I haven't been doing. My birthday reminds me of that in a way that New Years never seems to do.

Well, in thinking about it, of course, I realized that it was crazy to be bothered by it. I should either do the things or officially decide I would rather be doing something else. I'm sticking with the former. So, I thank those if you who reminded me of my birthday. It has basically turned into a reminder that I need to kick some ass, and that is a handy thing to have!

'World's Finest' Update

For those who missed it during its previous brief window of availability, National Lampoon has provided a temporary home for much of the content of http://www.supermanisadick.com/. On a related note, agentsteel53 may be interested in the story of Batman's Greatest Boner.

Edit: The site has a new, and hopefully permanent, home at superdickery.com.

Of Foxes and Phone Numbers

The redoubtable of_salfarro pointed out an interesting development... domesticated foxes! Just another one of those things that wouldn't have happened if researchers hadn't, by pure chance, spent 45 years breeding them for that.

Meanwhile, indigoskynet passed on information about Google's phone search feature. If you search for your 10-digit number on Google, it may come up with links to a map to your house (as mine did). If you would like to have Google pull that result, you can click on the "Phonebook Results" link and, from there, get to the 'Phonebook Removal Form'. Not that that will get it out of the databases where Google got it in the first place...

By his covers you shall know him...

Okay... I saw this in walkerton's LJ, and it has been making me laugh every time I go back to it. Time for you to experience it, as well!


(Click on the Examples link at the bottom. The site design is kind of annoying since you have to keep scrolling for the "Next" button, too. oh well).
Edit: In fact, I found the frame annoying enough that I just navigated using the "cover frame" instead.
Edit (2/8 evening): hm... problems with the site... access forbidden all over the place. Is it gone already, or is it just a server config screwup?
Edit (2/9 morning): sadness... dns resolves the address to now.
Edit (2/9 afternoon): ah, it had fallen over due to the load (tee hee).
Edit (2/12): Noticed it now has a temporary home at National Lampoon!
Edit (2/17): The site has a new, and hopefully permanent, home at superdickery.com.

I always hated those covers back in the day, but it is funny to see them collected together to make the case. ;-)

Greetings from Atlantis

I was looking at that thing that lets you see the location of your LJ friends and realized it appears to place me off the coast of africa. There seems to be a process for fixing that, which I may engage in once I am sure the current result won't continue to be amusing to me. One thing I like about this is that it is interesting to see which of my friends are generally in the same area but that don't apparently know each other. Anyway, for people who haven't seen it, here are some form thingies...

LJ username:

LJ username: