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Partook in the deconstruction of a barn over the weekend, which was fun. Some of the exterior wood was too cracky to save (and some of the people helping were kind of rough with the rest), but a lot of stuff was left in a reusable state. Even after the snowmobile club that was helping took what they wanted, there was enough left over for me to get a truckful of shortish 2x4's which I can use for a project. I also got a door closer thingie and and old (and hopefully annoying) wall-mounted phone ringer. Oh, they also had a couple of the shorter beams left over from the post-and-beam portion which Carolyn was thinking she could use.

I was surprised that, after my right arm got tired of hammering out nails, I was able to switch to the left without too much trouble. I had assumed I'd be hitting everywhere but the nail. ;-) I'm going to attribute that to all of the left-handed basketball dribbling practice I did this summer. Before you ask, there was no good reason for that... it just bugged me that I wasn't as good with my left as with my right (especially since I'm none too good with my right ;-) ). So, no matter how zen I try to be with my time it still seems to pay off somehow. Psssht. It's not as easy as it looks, I guess.

Carolyn will be teaching an archery class for a local school system today. I'm a bit concerned about how that will go... they've already asked her not to refer to the bow as a "weapon" when she is going over the range safety procedures at the beginning. :-P And, of course, she had to go through CORI/SORI checks yet again. I guess when somebody has a magic wand that isn't working, it isn't that surprising that they will try waving it a lot.


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Nov. 8th, 2004 07:38 pm (UTC)
wowie... there's a hell of a lot that has been written about that. Since I am kind of tired of it (or, to be more exact, I am tired of that aspect of it which becomes almost immediately apparent when you try to define it ;-) ), I'm going to point you at some of it. I'm guessing it won't take you more than 5 or 10 minutes to get the idea of whether you want to go any further with your reading. You can look here or, for Usenet argument concerning it, start here.

As annoying as I have always found it (or the people who actively practice it, really), I have to admit it has been a plus to literary criticism and other such areas where it was applied. It just lends itself so easily to posturing that it tends to end up striking me as pretentious, and I never react well to that.
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