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We are celebrating Val and Jason's birthdays, yet again, this time with a sleepover. The girls are still up watching anime (though I am guessing Carolyn has dropped off by now). Adam just came back from there to go to his bed. The other two boys are already asleep in the room. I had put on The Hobbit book-on-tape for them while I was finishing cleaning up from the party... I don't think they even made it up to the dwarves cleaning up at Bilbo's. When Adam came in I let him pick where he would like to listen, and he chose the 3 trolls. A pretty good part, and safely before where he is in actually reading the book (Bilbo meeting up with Gollum). I noticed that at least one of Val's older friends is an LJer... I saw the familiar web form up on the screen as I walked by earlier. Strange times. I think tomorrow is the crafts phase of the party. In addition to stamping and such things, I saw a bunch of pumpkins in the truck which I assume will be carved to a fare-thee-well.

We got my car back with a repaired transmission a couple of days ago. We are now 1500+ dollars poorer, which is unfortunate, but understandable. The car is otherwise in durable shape, so we will probably not regret the expenditure, barring an accident. That's almost as much as we paid for the durned thing in the first place, though. :-P

I am trying to sand off the last rough edges of the Debian side of my laptop dual boot. I think I may redo my wireless setup here to use EAP and RADIUS for the authentication. Not only will it be instructive, it should also approximate what I'll need to do to get it talking with the wireless net at work (assuming I ever get my fershlugginer key). Once I get the wireless going on the laptop I will be much happier, especially since the coupler I was using to get an ethernet cable up to my bedroom seems to have disappeared sometime during the day.