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Random Thoughts Before Bed

The weekend had it's low points, but the less said about the Red Sox games the better, I guess. I had some computer work on my own stuff planned, but instead I set up a dual-boot box for Rob. That would be pretty old hat by now except that this time I had to talk Carolyn through almost the whole process since she wanted to learn it (and there's nothing like talking someone through a process you have learned to do quickly :-P ).

I had a 20G drive that I managed to clear off which I put in for the Linux stuff. Speaking of which, my burner can still burn DVD+R disks, just not DVD-R (or, at least, not the brand of DVD-R that we have 100 blanks of :-( ). I happened to find five or so DVD+R's so I was able to clear the disk and make a bit of room for more fansub downloads (oh joy).

Rob is upgrading to win2k from win98, so the Windows side is about a zillion times better than the old setup. I configured it to be able to play anime avi's (mpc with the matroska pack, quicktime_alternative, and real_alternative for codecs), so Val will be happier about that when she is visiting the kids there. ;-) I also put on gaim (with encryption... take that, Ashcroft! ;-) ), winamp, and firefox. I put Debian on the Linux side, but left it at 'testing' (sarge) rather than going to the 'unstable' target like I usually do. I had it install the codecs, OpenOffice, firefox, gaim-encryption, gnumeric, gnucash, and all that crap, so it's all good. I also loaded the hell out of the Linux side with most every game Debian has in it.

Carolyn and Val went out shopping today and it seemed to go strangely. Contrary to her normal habits, she brought back a surprising number of new-to-me convenience foods. This included a vacuum pack of precooked ground beef (best if used before June 2005!) and taco shells that have a flattened bottom so that they can stay up on their own. It was enough to give me a bit of that 'living in the Jetzons' feeling, I can tell you. OTOH, she forgot the S-Video cable and DVD+R's I'd asked for. The former is forgiven by the fascinating new foods, and the latter by the fact that I have a new excuse to stop downloading again.

I was going to watch a bunch of the new anime season number-1's and put up some first impressions, but instead I watched a bunch of Kodomo no Omocha eps, so there. What can I say? Sana-chan rules!


Oct. 21st, 2004 06:22 am (UTC)
Re: I never realized

believe me, that 2 beer incident was scary for me! 2 beers. OY!

those weren't even samis!!!

the night i attempted to drink 2 samis, i actually...blush...omg...i actually got bed spins! and hung over!

weight loss, good. losing tolerance for beer, bad.

eagerly awaiting noontime phone call from the boyfriend to see if he got the barley wine from stone brewery successfully. twas his mission for the morningtime. i know i am very partial to arrogant bastard by stone, so i am v. much looking forward to this.

some guys buy their girlfriends flowers; mine buys me rare beer. see why i have to hold on to this one??? smile.