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"There you go again"

Well, heck... this was a crummy computer night.

I was having some problem reading DVDs on my work comp that were burned at home. I had the opportunity to flash my home burner, so I went ahead and did that tonight. After many hours of fiddling, things are pretty much as they were, except that I can't seem to burn DVDs at the moment. The flash seemed to go fine (the 'many hours' was due to the domino effect so often associated with seemingly minor computer changes :-P ) and I can still burn CDs on it. The DVDs get an OPC error code of SK=5h ASC=2Ch ACQ=00h, however, which http://fy.chalmers.se/~appro/linux/DVD+RW/keys.txt says is "COMMAND SEQUENCE ERROR".

Ah well... I will worry about it more later. I am tempted to think of it as an excuse to stop my downloading of fansubs. I can always go back to CDs, of course, so that's really not true. Doing DVDs has been kind of a pain anyway since I usu have to wait a whole season or two to get a DVDs worth, which means I need to take up more hard drive space. I've been on the ragged edge at the moment with the first eps of new series coming down while I'm still waiting for the last eps of the old ones. Maybe when I watch the new ones there will be a show that will remind me of why I'm spending so much time on this. The person I used to watch most of the anime with is not available now, and I am not big on watching alone... and I could certainly put that time to other uses. Like sleeping ;-)