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While talking to a coworker today I was reminded, for some reason, of The Urantia Book, which had been collecting dust on my shelf for awhile. If you cherish the bizarre, you really need to check this out. Most of it is like a Bizarro-world version of the Christian Bible. The New Testament is there, but is on steroids... crazy amounts of extra detail have been added. For instance, in one paragraph of the section about Jesus' eighth year we are told:

This year Jesus made arrangements to exchange dairy products for lessons on the harp. He had an unusual liking for everything musical. Later on he did much to promote an interest in vocal music among his youthful associates. By the time he was eleven years of age, he was a skillful harpist and greatly enjoyed entertaining both family and friends with his extraordinary interpretations and able improvisations.

The Old Testament portion is included in the History of Urantia section (Urantia is the planet we live on). If the New Testament was on steroids, this one is on Hulk-style gamma radiation. The familiar names are there, but the backstory is unbelievably involved. For instance, this is part of the story of the Garden of Eden...

For more than five years these plans were secretly matured. At last they had developed to the point where Eve consented to have a secret conference with Cano, the most brilliant mind and active leader of the near-by colony of friendly Nodites. Cano was very sympathetic with the Adamic regime; in fact, he was the sincere spiritual leader of those neighboring Nodites who favored friendly relations with the Garden.

What the Urantia Book starts with however, is a section that has no corresponding part in the Bible. It is an excruciatingly-detailed description of the power structure of the spiritual world. You can pretty much open any part of it and find pages of stuff like this...

In the same manner as their fellows, these angels are created serially and in seven reflective types, but these types are not assigned individually to the separate services of the superuniverse administrators. All tertiary seconaphim are collectively assigned to the Trinitized Sons of Attainment, and these ascendant sons use them interchangeably; that is, the Mighty Messengers can and do utilize any of the tertiary types, and so do their co-ordinates, Those High in Authority and Those without Name and Number.

I could obviously go on and on, but you have to see it yourself to believe it. While I recommend getting a paper copy (nothing beats just flipping it open to some section and reading), there's also an online version you can check out. If you want a paper copy, both B&N and Amazon carry it for well under $20. You'll easily get that much enjoyment out of it.