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Into each life, some minutes must fall

Since I've got a couple of minutes while I wait for this apple pie to be done, I should give a quick update.

Nothing settled on the car repair, as of yet... still collating.

I watched the boys sell popcorn for the Boy Scout troop at Shaws for awhile last night, before taking Val and Rob's girls back to the house. It seemed fun for the kids, but I know how uncomfortable it can make people coming out of the store. Still, sitting on this side of the table made the 'avoid eye-contact' behavior of some of the people scooting out look pretty weird. I'll have to remember to offer a jaunty "No, thanks!" when I'm in their shoes again in the future. I'm such a klutz at casual encounters that I was probably a scooter before without even realizing it.

I tried learning how to play Magic the Gathering from the boys this morning while Carolyn and Val were at a ladies-only church function. They had made decks out of the cards that kimsngdo had thoughtfully provided them, but the decks were too big for the amount of mana cards they had. Not very exciting. :-P So, we adjourned until they could redo the decks.

I reorganized my custom friends lists here a bit more since the default one was getting too full. Seems better now, but I still have another one I'd like to add on alternative energy (assuming there's some journals dedicated to that) before I leave off on that.

I made an apple pie today, but with a store-bought (Pillsbury) crust. I was going to make a second one with a homemade crust, but Carolyn wanted to see a one-day ren-fest thing that the Boys and Girls Club is putting on in Milford. Just a fundraiser... nothing fancy, I expect, but it could be fun. Anyway, she and the boys have already started up on their bikes. Val and I will join them by truck when the pie is ready to come out of the oven. Maybe I will have time to try the crust-making tonight. I had figured that as long as we had the less experimental one on hand, it wouldn't matter as much if my all-from-scratch one was a horror.

k... just took out the pie. Looks and smells great, so I am covered for my later experiment! ;-) Now for the ren-fest-y thing.


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Sep. 25th, 2004 09:33 pm (UTC)
The ren-fest thing was nice. It was small, but the people were into it. Also, they had some folks from the area SCA there, and that was great. The kidz got to try on all kinds of armor. Not only won't you be able to guess how cute they looked, you'll never even get to know the answer, since we didn't bring a camera.

I guess Val looked kind of like Filis with all that armor piled on.

I really need to get a li'l digital camera of my own so I can just have it around whenevah.
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