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As Time Goes By

Not much time tonight, so I will have to machine-gun it...

- On the way home from work tonight I met Carolyn and Rob at a scout meeting. Troops vary, of course, and meetings like this one don't always represent the normal activities, but it seemed kind of frivolous and a bit unruly (at least compared to the troop I was in, way back when). I'm also kind of uncomfortable with starting into activities that only some of our kids can participate in. We stretch ourselves a bit thin already... having some going hither and others going yon seems like it will only make things worse.

- My visit with Dan was pleasant. Actually, all my dealings with my extended family have been better since the change... I feel more relaxed and that always makes me chattier. It is also refreshing to me to have the kinds of conversations we usu do. No matter what the subject, we seem to be able to keep a nice cycle going between seriousness, silliness, and sarcasm. I definitely need to get together with them more often.

- I had also forgotten that Dan was 'packing heat' this weekend. He has a concealed carry permit in CT and NH, but that didn't occur to me until he showed me a new piece he had acquired (a very nice used Kimber pistol), and then pulled out his carry piece to compare them. All done with the nice, habitual handling caution that you like to see, of course. It also reminded me that I want to shoot again, myself. I need to see if there are any low-cost and convenient ranges along my ride home. If I can find one, I'm going to save up for a pistol.

- The concealed carry permit brings up an odd but interesting aspect of Dan's personality. He gets curious about a procedure and then satisfies that curiousity by going through it. Another one that went along with the process of getting a carry permit was the Civilian Marksmanship Program. His current interest is seeing whether he can get a dual citizenship!