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Thank goodness no one was waiting for an update. ;-)

Carolyn's cousin Jo is back in KY... along with her children, her reportedly child-beating ex, her cats, and some subset of her belongings. After they had picked up the rental, they had said they were going to stop by the storage trailer to fit in a few critical items (like the TV) and then come by the house to pick up their clothes. So much time passed that we assumed they had decided to stop to get something to eat again. At around 7pm Carolyn put together some frozen stuff for us (four adults and 6 kids, altogether). Of course, the cousin's family picks then to finally appear. :-P Apparently they had not eaten, since Jo later complained to relatives that we hadn't offered to feed them again. Also we didn't help with them loading their clothes in the minivan. And Rob was always in the way on the stairs. And they left my car on empty when they were done with it. Oh, wait, she didn't complain about that last one.

There was pretty much only one confrontation that evening... between Rob and the ex. Rob caught one of their boys, Noel, pocketing some of my boys' ragged Magic the Gathering cards and directed him to return them. Noel did his usual thing... he compliantly returned the cards, then went off and told a whopper to his parents. The ex came up to do what he perceives as his duty to "his boy", which is to take his side regardless of the facts. Nothing came of it, of course, but Rob was very keyed up over it.

It is amusing, in that sad way, to hear of someone who isn't taking care of his kids posture about how 'they are his kids and that he will take care of them', and so on. They are nice words, but saying they are 'his boys' should be the same as saying he is taking responsibility for them. That is ultimately a reponsibility to raise them up to be useful members of society. Backing up your kids in the face of any evidence, making excuses for them at every turn... that is abrogating your responsibility. It is a recipe for creating monsters that only think of their short-term pleasures, never of the long-term consequences. If you are lucky, maybe you'll eventually get to be on the TeeVee telling people how "your baby" could never have committed whatever heinous act he was arrested for.