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In Between Days

Well, I didn't stay up until their arrival (Carolyn did), but their kids seem fine with the ex being around, as far as I can tell. The van she was going to get couldn't be made ready by today, so they needed to rent a vehicle. The method they were using was to go to Manchester and drive around looking for rental places, so Carolyn called a couple of places and arranged a reservation for them. They got lost on the way there, however, but they just called to say that they've picked it up.

It looks like most of the stuff in storage will be staying there until it can be sent down to KY. It is in Carolyn's name, however, so she will be stuck with it if it stays more than a month. We'll just have to get it out and move it here, in that case, to store it until something can be figured out.

Now that they have a vehicle, I have high hopes that they will head out by today. It is something like a 17-hour drive and the ex needs to be back at work on Monday. Also, the rental is X-amount a day, so there's a big incentive to make it in one. They are not seasoned travellers, however, so there will probably be much whining.

Meanwhile, Dan should be up any time now. I'm looking forward to that, but I am concerned about all the aches and pains he is going through right now (related to an accident he was in). It is unusual for him to complain about stuff like that, so I guess I am a bit worried that it is serious. Hopefully he is just bored and the visit will help him focus on something else. We'll see.

We will probably have Rob's kids over tonight. Carolyn is watching them tomorrow and, since we'll be getting an early start it will be easier to have them here. I expect we'll have Rob over for dinner this evening, too.