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I'm still waiting

Carolyn's cousin is, in theory, on her way back from Manchester airport with the ex. I was amazed to find out that she hasn't told her kids yet that he is coming up and that they will be going back to KY soonest. She says it is because she wants to make it a surprise, but Carolyn speculates that it is because she may fear that the news will be unwelcome. Apparently the kids have not asked for him the whole time they have been here. Anyway, it all seems like a mess... I dunno how she can take her responsibility to her kids so lightly.

Speaking of kids, ours have been begging to sleep over at one of their friends, so we set that up for tonight so that they could be away if there were issues.

On a more pleasant note, one of my brothers (Dan) might come up from CT for the weekend, depending on the weather (motorcycle).