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Fall Ahead

I took a ridiculous fall yesterday while walking to the building of work from the parking lot of same. I think I caught my foot on the curb or something, and the fall was kind of a 2-part thing where I thought I had stopped it after my knees hit and then it somehow went on after a pause. The whole thing was so weird and unprecedented that I still look at it with great detachment.

I shaved off a nice chunk of skin on one knee (with a swell swath of road rash below that) and scraped the knuckles of the opposing hand (which was engaged in the futile effort of holding my laptop). The laptop went sliding off ahead of me but was otherwise unaffected by the incident.

There was a witness and, social convention being what it is, I will not be able to dispatch an assassin to tidy that up. It does make things a bit awkward since I rule by fear and a show of weakness invites challenges, but so it goes.