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So there you are!

Wheeee... Lj is back. I didn't realize how much I missed my friends page until it went missing. Sadly, I was on the madcow cluster, so I had to wait until tonight to see it again. To distract myself in the meantime I read books (mostly some Tamora Pierce books my daughter had been reading) and watched movies with a visiting brother (Napoleon Dynamite, courtesy of hankyu, and a number from Encore's Action Network... Big Trouble in Little China, some Chuck Norris, and too much of a horrible, horrible Starship Troopers 2).

While going through my list tonight, I saw "The Ultimate LiveJournal Obsession Test" (which seemed fitting, given recent events), in walkerton's journal.

Not much to see here, I guess. I am still a bit lame when it comes to LJ obsessions. It asks about a lot of quizzes I missed, it seems (like Giant Battle Monsters and some Myers-Briggs-type tests).

The Ultimate LiveJournal Obsession Test
CategoryYour ScoreAverage LJer
Community Attachment9.68%
You have one or two loyal pals on LJ... But you probably have better things to do with your time.
You fill out forms at work - why should you fill them out for fun?
Original Content32.26%
Some stories must be told - and you're the one to tell them
Psychodrama Quotient2.41%
Warning: Can Flame When Necessary
Attention Whoring11.36%
Slothfully Seeking Susan

Oh, I also coincidentally had made an account on blogspot on Friday so I could post comments to a friend's "blog" there. I was amazed with how lame the featureset there seemed to be compared to LJ's. With LJ down I decided I'd poke around with this new account to see what amusement it might afford, but it didn't prove very interesting over there.