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hm... my brain is undependable. When I am happy and silly, as I am at the moment, I don't care about all the things I obsess about when I am depressed and paranoid (why, just this morning!). Does that mean that the down state is meaningless, or is it the up? Ah well. I don't care at the moment.

I started downloading fansubbed anime again today. For those who don't know, there is a kind of underground system of making current animes (and some interesting older ones that never caught on) available to fans around the world. People record the animes and make them available for download elsewhere (usu listed as "raw" since they haven't been subtitled). Translators come up with a version in their language of choice, and then people add the translation as subtitles and make the result available via IRC, binary newsgroups, and torrents (see animesuki and scarywater for examples). The setup is tolerated, presumably because it creates a market for the product in the U.S. and elsewhere. The convention is that the fansub should not be distributed once it has been licensed in your area. That is getting a bit stickier as the anime market has taken off in places like the U.S. You are seeing more cases of animes being licensed very early in the process, in order to secure them, but without firm plans for when it will actually be distributed elsewhere. Oh, and in some cases, the setup is not tolerated even for anime which isn't licensed elsewhere. I wonder if that is because folks in Japan are watching downloaded raws rather than watching the anime on TV, as some number of folks do for other TV series.

It will be interesting to see how that plays out, but I used up my serious reserves to come up with that breezy introduction, so it is on to the fluff!

This is probably just a temporary return for me since my dvd burner is still fubar, but I discovered space on my laptop, so why not? I got the last ep of Elfen Lied, that disturbing gem of dismemberment and freaky romance. Lunar has fansubbed ten more eps of Bleach since I stopped downloading. Since Val and I enjoyed the first two well enough (I don't recall if we watched the Lunar or the AKeep/ANBU fansubs, though), I snagged the new ones, too. No new eps of Mizuiro Jidai have been fansubbed, AFAICT (I guess kind of tender and humorous coming-of-age fare is not as exciting as more Naruto eps ;-) ). I took pity on 4 people who were trying to download the last one that had been done... there was no one with a complete copy to seed it so I made mine available. Still no new Karakuri Zoushi Ayatsuri Sakon, Oishinbo the Gourmet, or Salaryman Kintaro! There is a new Twin Spica, however, and that is always good for tugging at the heartstrings. There's a new To Heart series (with the odd subtitle of "Remember My Memories") which seems very lame in terms of production quality, judging by the first two eps. That's sad since the original had a really nice "nostalgic" feel to it. I think I am still missing an ep or two of Aishiteruze Baby and some of Air Master, but I need to double-check that. I have time since I need to leave my current torrents up for a while yet anyway. There are a jillion new fansub eps of Touch available. I hope it isn't just encoded versions of the HK disks since I bought those and the English translations are horrible (if I can spot mistakes then believe me, it is bad). hm... I guess that's it. I will edit if something else occurs to me.

Oh, and I got a $20 B&N gift certificate from my bro-in-law, so I may actually get a new book (as opposed to "pre-owned" ;-) ) again! Ah... but which to get? A happy quandry. ;-)

Oh, and it would be swell if I could sleep tonight.